If you come to our site with any frequency, you may have noticed things look a little different lately. And by "a little" we mean "a lot." You'd be forgiven for not noticing but we have launched an entirely new Hudson Valley Lighting website.

Why should you care? Because we thought of you when we made it.

We know you don't have much time, so we thought we'd point out a few things about it that you might find fun, useful, or cool.

Product Images and Filtering

First of all, images on our old website were static and removed. The new website is flush with up-close detail shots that give you a better sense what luxury they offer and what makes them unique.

It's easier to narrow in on what you're looking for by using our new Filter and Sort navigation. 

For example, if you know you want a Flush Mount, you can go to Flush Mounts from the Products menu at the top of the page. Then, click Filter and Sort. A host of options to help you hone in on the ideal fixture for your project appears. Simply check them off and click "Apply Filters" when done.

Click on any fixture to go to its product page, then hover your mouse over it. Previously, magnification consisted of clicking on "Zoom." It was a bit clunky. Now, magnification is as simple as swiping your mouse over the image, giving you a closer look at that finish or an exquisite detail. If closer inspection reveals it's the one for you, click on Add to Project Plan to keep it saved.

Project Planner

Planning a new project can take a lot of work and keeping everything organized challenges even the best of us. So we've improved our Project Planner for you. Add fixtures to it as you explore our collection, making notes as you go. You can save it and return to it when you have time, and print it, with all relevant specs included, for your contractors and/or clients. 



Style Quiz

Having a hard time getting a precise grip on what your style is or what to call it? Or are you an interior designer whose client needs help narrowing down options? That's why we made this Style Quiz.

Using the five basic style types under which we classify all our fixtures, we created a set of questions. Pick the image that speaks to you and find out the name and hallmarks of your style. Then, get a page of prefiltered results based on your outcome.  It's fun; it's easy; it's quick. Try it here.

The Blog

Then there's this here blog. We've expanded the images, widened the margins, set it in a much more pleasing-to-read font, and made it easier to share. At the top of each post, you have the option to share it on your social media platform of choice or bookmark to read later. Half the joy of reading anything is discussing it with someone else who's read the same thing. So if you enjoyed a post, please, comment on it or share it.

Also, images with links to other posts appear at the bottom, along with Older / Newer navigation, so feel free to keep reading as long as you like.  

Design Center

In addition to all this, we've made the Design Center for a one-stop destination for inspiration and information. Here's just some of the things you'll find there:


If you'd like to gloss over our frequent appearances in the best interiors and lighting magazines, click on Press.

Sneak Peek

Want a sneak peek on our newest lighting fixtures, which will be available soon? To see the collection that wowed at the last Lightovation at the Dallas Market Center, click on "Login" in the upper right corner of any page and enter the following credentials:

Username: Fall2015
Password: largerthanlight

They'll be available soon. 

Thanks for Reading

On a final note, see that dark box in the bottom right corner with the golden up arrow? That brings you back to the top of the page, wherever you are, so you don't need to give your finger scrolling fatigue.

What do you think of our new site? What do you like about it? What do you think might improve it? Is there anything you'd like more of? Is there something we could add that would make it more useful for you?